Venues in Bern

Venues in Bern

Top venues for your events in Bern

Find the best event locations of the city with fiylo® Bern! We present to you elegant, extraordinary and conventional venues for business events and private celebrations alike. So that conferences, meetings and workshops as well as wedding receptions, parties or gala dinners become a huge success. We support you from the planning to the implementation of your event and make sure you will be satisfied!

Find the best venues in Bern with fiylo®!

Overview of exclusive event locations in Bern

Although Switzerland has no capital city, Bern was determined as the federal city where the parliament and the government are located. The historic city with its more than 140,000 inhabitants is one of the largest communities in the country. In 1983 the old town was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. For your events you find here the best conditions!

fiylo® gladly assists you with your search for the ideal venue for your private or business event. We have a long-standing experience in the fields of marketing, sales and in the events scene. On our online portal we present to you a clearly structured listing of various event locations. We thereby consider every occasion and every purpose for your event. Our brand-new search mask makes the selection process easy and enjoyable. From special venues and elegant buildings to ordinary function rooms and open air spaces – on we offer the optimal premises for your happening. It does not matter if you want to celebrate with a small group or a large amount of people since we have an enormous pool of venues from which you can pick the right one for your requirements and your budget.

The planning of an event does not end when you have found the suitable venue. In fact, now the second part of the planning process begins and you have to take care of the details. Compare your guest list with the capacities of the venues, decide on a pleasant and functional room arrangement and check if the technical features meet your needs. We clearly present to you the seating options, inform you about the furnishings and consider the overnight accommodations for your guests. Take a look at the fact sheets of the venues and be well-prepared for your event. From parking spaces and catering to the service team- with fiylo® you know everything there is to know about the event location beforehand.

Venues for business events in Bern

Bern is the Federal City of Switzerland and therefore the Swiss authorities are situated here. Since it also has the municipal and cantonal administration, Bern is the largest administrative center in the country. Furthermore, many major companies as well as the post and the railway company have their headquarters in Bern. At an internationally significant place like this, you can ideally host your various business events. fiylo® shows you where!

For the successful implementation of a business event it is of great importance that everything goes according to plan. fiylo® presents to you all possible venues with detailed descriptions as well as high quality footage and videos. It does not matter if you are looking for a suitable function room for your conference and meeting or if you are planning an exciting incentive at which you want to motivate your employees. We offer appropriate rooms for every purpose!

When you have found an attractive venue in a prime location, then you have to take care of the details on the insides. You should not underestimate the further amenities since the smooth run of your event is depending on them. That is why fiylo® informs you about the interior and the equipment of the venues. Are beamer and screens available? How about wireless network and the seating options? You also have to consider the catering, the parking facilities and check if there are hotels nearby. fiylo® supports you so that you are well-organized for your event. We wish you much success!

Popular venues for private events in Bern

Bern is among the top ten cities with the highest life quality in the world. No wonder that it is one of the most visited places and every year countless tourists spend their vacation here. Numerous museums, cinemas, theaters, festivals and fairs make Bern a city with a vivid social and cultural life. Contribute your part to that by realizing your own event dream with fiylo®!

When everything goes according to plan, then the implementation of your private event can become your personal triumph. We want you to get that feeling and therefore support your project with our online portal. From the beginning of your planning to the implementation of your event we stand by your side as a reliable and competent partner. fiylo® helps you to keep track of your plan and informs you transparently about the underlying conditions and capacities of the venues. Together we find unique premises for all kinds of events. Whether you are a MICE-professional or an individual – you both benefit from our long-standing expertise and our network of partners in the event industry.

We offer you romantic venues for your wedding, cozy spaces for a BBQ with friends and large halls for unforgettable parties. Birthday celebrations, jubilees, graduation parties or small exhibitions – with us every search ends in success. The equipment such as the technical features and the possible room arrangement also plays an important role. The rooms have to be flexible and adaptable to your needs. Special requests concerning the catering or the decoration are taken care of. You should feel well-prepared beforehand and be filled with great anticipation. When you know the venue like the back of your hand even before you enter it, then you will feel like a satisfied guest on your own event!